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Process #4: How Do We Manage our Communication?

In order to achieve our objective “TRPOC,” in our community we must handle our communication both external and internal flawlessly. Research shows that customers that receive timely as promised communication will give CSI scores 35% higher than those who mismanage their communication.

There can be several communication touch points and depending on the software and systems you are using some may have more than others. The critical issue is to be consistent and delivered when promised and by the agreed upon method.

Communication is on many levels, customer, insurer, and internal. In this section we will be discussing the customer communication and the other areas will be discussed in the relevant sections that follow.

Complete, accurate, timely communication delivered by the preferred method will ensure that we achieve our objective, to be “TRPOC,” in our community.

Our Commitments;

At drop off and with initial follow up calling of customers will be by their preferred method of contact. Mandatory Tuesday and Thursday updates by agreed upon method of contact.

  • Call to give complete estimate and promise date.
  • Call every Tuesday and Thursday on heavy hits, calls for driveable vehicles should be upon estimate final and vehicle is ready in most cases.
  • Call to explain any unexpected interruption to the repair process, price, delivery date, parts issues etc. Document date time and person contacted. This call requires a mandatory response either email or on the phone.
  • Call to let customer know vehicle is ready after QC and remind them of financial obligations and acceptable methods of payments. Mark vehicle complete in management system.
  • Customer file should be reviewed and approved prior to customer being called for pickup. Are all receivables handled appropriately?
  • After vehicle delivered mark appropriate box in management system to stop clock. Also update arms system 2 times per day.
  • All customers called 24 hours after delivery to insure their complete satisfaction.
  • All calls and customer contacts to be completely documented to the management system note screens, anyone at any time should be able to understand the customer’s current situation by reviewing the notes screen. Also make sure all insurer note screens are updated as required, many want daily updates!
  • Each Tuesday and Thursday SA will print status list with customers notes, make their calls, and submit list to subordinate so compliance is assured. No 2 calls in a row should be documented as left message, if a message was left on prior contact you will continue to attempt to reach customer till you have a response or you speak personally with them.
  • Return all customer requests for contact immediately. Gauge the customer’s response, if they are calling you why? Make sure you get the customer back on track. In many cases it is wise to talk to a superior about the customers call, many times a fresh perspective is more aware of what the customer’s issues may be. Some times a second call by a supervisor could be made to insure that the customer is satisfied with the situation. Customers will speak their issues to a superior when asked. This additional step can be the difference between a good CSI score and a bad one!

If Auto watch or Update Promise programs are being used, we will create a plan of communication appropriate to these software applications.

Our internal communication will be critical to the success of achieving our objective, “TRPOC,” in our community.

  • Morning meetings with the entire staff or in groups will be mandatory to insure our success and that all are on the same page. Everyone needs to know what the goals are each and every day.  When using continuous work flow these meetings are not necessary with everyone. One car one stall you always know where your technicians are.
  • Incorporate your internal messaging programs that you have at your disposal. Building a high-performance team is critical to our success and communication to all members is one of the most important aspects of this.
  • Allowing and including all teammates to make decisions and give input will push the entire team to be successful.

How do we measure success?

  • Net promoter score Top 20%, 86% or better. Our goal 90% or better.
  • Kept informed top 20%, 98% or better. Equal or better.
  • If special software will be required by insurers, exceed top 20%, compliance number to be determined.
  • Complete documentation notes in whatever management system you use along with complete notes in DRP systems.

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