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Process #10: Finish Paper Work 100%

Our reputation and standing in the industry are only as good as our reputation and respect for accuracy and attention to detail.  Company correspondence, records, RO and client communications need to be complete accurate and timely in order to be “The Repair Provider of Choice,” in the community we serve.

Invoices handled correctly and timely insure timely payments. Building strong relationships built on trust and accuracy continues to support a positive image of your company in the industry. Insurers expect fast accurate file handling; employees respect us for correct and accurate payroll and HR issues.

Administrative excellence creates trust with all parties we interact with, internal and external.

  1. Demand complete and accurate RO and file management.
    1. RO meets facility GP goals, parts and labor management all need to be reviewed and in line prior to delivering of vehicle and closing of file.
    2. RO file to include either scanned or paper QC sheet, estimate, DRP or facility authorization sheets and required sheets, DRP assignment sheets, BAR Authorizations if required.
    3. Complete file includes original estimate, any and all supplements, and final bill. If applicable BAR supplement and authorizations. GP report to guidelines or signed approval by manager for subpar. All RO related credits and invoices. Receipts for payments hard or scanned. All structural repair procedure sheets, frame spec sheets before and after along with alignment sheet before and after. APU and real steel documentation. If we have a pre-close checklist have it documented and in the file. All Scan reports need to be uploaded to file.
  2. Accounts Payable Management
    1. Process all credits and invoices same day, insure proper GL coding.
    2. All RO related invoices to be posted by end of day, invoices to be handled as determined by management.
      1. All invoices to be checked for accuracy and discrepancies corrected immediately.
    3. Additional overhead related invoices need to be scanned or appropriately handled and coded to correct GL account
      1. All invoices scanned prior to end of month.
      2. Any material invoices tracked and documented as required.
    4. Proper handling and storage of all invoices to be determined and managed according to facility guidelines.
    5. All vendor statements to be handled and reconciled according to facility guidelines.
  3. Management of AR – zero AR over 30 days.
    1. All RO reviewed for accuracy and payment before vehicle is to be delivered and customer contacted. Where are the $$$ are they confirmed and approved, if not why not? Let your manager know of any issues earlier, not late in the game.
    2. Required, zero AR over 30 days.
    3. All insurance accounts to be closed and billed within 24 hours of delivery, files also ready for close by estimator at time of delivery, only reason to close within 24 hours is for final review by manager. If not, ready you must bring to your managers attention before customer arrives and before delivery.
    4. Files cannot be closed till payment has been approved or payment verification received.
    5. Follow up all outstanding AR 10, 15, 20, and 25 days out. Notify manager of any issues at the 15 day mark.
  4. Ensure proper banking, cash handling, petty cash, credit card and daily deposits are handled properly.
    1. Cash, use counterfeit pen on all bills received, immediate receipt into management system required, two team members to verify funds, seal envelope initial and put in safe immediately.
    2. Petty cash to be determined.
    3. Deposits to be determined.
  5. Process all HR related items immediately.
    1. To be determined.
  6. Maintain compliance with all regulatory agencies.
    1. Post current business license, tax ID number, resale number, BAR license, current door rates.
    2. VOC and MSDS sheets available and on site.
    3. All waste drums to be checked for proper storage and labeling.
      1. Manifest used and records maintained on site

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