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Process #9: Deliver on The Promise

This is the final ‘”Moment of Truth,” did we do what we promised? Delivering the vehicle on time, back to pre-loss condition or better, done right the first time and remembering what we promised our customers is the ultimate objective that will make us “The Repair provider of Choice,” in our community.

In preparation of delivery all vehicles should be inspected by a different inspector insuring all items on our estimate are completely performed, many times a second set of eyes sees something that you cannot because you are so familiar with the file.  Customers can be called to set up scheduled delivery times enabling the SA to schedule his time better. All paper work and documents will be prepared and available at time of delivery.

Meeting our customer with a smile and a beautiful finished product will be the culmination of an exceptional repair experience, this is the experience that will give us customers for life and ensure that we are definitely, “TRPOC,” in our communities.

  1. SA has performed final QC, approved final paperwork and all AR information is in order and approved. File has been reviewed and all aspects are in order, QC’d, repair data, GP. Invoices posted and correct etc.
    1. Give customer adequate time when setting up a delivery appointment. Many situations we can give up to 6 hours’ notice, however this will be a vehicle by vehicle situation. Just understand you cannot call a customer at 3PM Friday afternoon and expect they will be in by 5PM for pickup. Respect people’s schedules and after all your work to satisfy your customer let’s make sure they are happy when they come in for the delivery.
    2. Service advisor to insure they have signed QC sheet and vehicle is on the ready line prior to delivery.
    3. When speaking to customer about vehicle pickup make sure you review deductible amount, payment methods that are acceptable and if customer has insurance check that it is not made payable to lien holder or if so that they have it endorsed.
  2. Upon arrival of customer SA should be ready to meet, greet by name and shake their hand.
    1. If SA is not at the center she or he should have arranged to have another SA deliver the vehicle. Make sure he knows all the particulars about this customers file. No one wants to be in front of a customer with their “pants around their ankles.” They will never deliver another vehicle for you if you put them in this position, be a professional.
  3. Escort customer to their vehicle being enthusiastic, remember the first thing you should do is show them anything that you promised them, they are already looking to see that you did not forget it. If you promised to fix their door handle and forgot, not cool. If you remembered and show them you did what you promised and the cars looks great you are a hero, bingo customer for life. Make sure customer is 100% satisfied before you go over final paper work.
    1. Review all repairs performed, answer all questions, make sure customer understands all answers.
    2. Perform a complete walk around of the vehicle pointing out repairs and courtesies.
    3. Ask!! The customer if they are completely satisfied. The customer should not leave until you are absolutely sure they are satisfied. Ask the center manager immediately to assist you with any unresolved customer concerns.
  4. SA will return with customer to the office for completion of the delivery, stay focused on the customer giving them your complete attention, at this moment “They are your only customer.”
    1. Explain the warranty for your facility and insurance company. Explain the survey that will come, and also inform them that we will follow up the next day to ensure that there are no loose ends and 100% satisfied.
    2. Do we have a customer gift? Starbucks or In and Out gift cards are huge in thanking the customer for their business.
    3. Do we have referral cards for our customers, the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer, let’s talk about this?
  5. SA will escort customer back to their vehicle, again thank them for their business. Assist them in any way to transition from rental to their vehicle. Remind them to get all the personal belongings out of the rental, garage door opener etc.
  6. Do follow up calls within 24 hours of delivery to insure 100% customer satisfaction, any issues resolve immediately, do not tell customer to bring vehicle in at their convenience and we will take care of the issue. First off it will never be convenient, and when they come in it will not be convenient for us. Offer them alternatives where we handle it and if necessary, we will pick up vehicle and deliver it back. They will be customers for life when we handle our issues immediately and with little disruption to them. They just had their car in our shop because someone hit them, they just want to get their life back on track!
    1. Great Job!!!

How do we measure success?

Net Promoter score Top 20%, 86% or better.  Our goal 90% or better

Delivered on time Top 20%, 94% or better.  Our goal 98% or better.

Return rate Top 20%, 7% or better our goal 2% or less.

Customer is truly 100% satisfied!!

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